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What is Backfill Used For?

Backfill is used for protecting foundations, filling trenches, general landscaping, and filling in spaces that would otherwise weaken underground structures.

Do I Need Backfill or Should I Use the Soil I Dug Up?

The answer depends entirely on the soils at your site. Backfill needs to be compactible and stable, so that it doesn’t settle over time or apply too much pressure on basement walls. It needs to allow proper drainage to help your basement stay dry. Also, it should not contain large stones that will damage the foundation during frost movement. Site soils containing clay or organic material should be avoided. Proper backfill material makes a real difference to the foundation of your building.

If there is any question about using your site soil as backfill, contact WW Siegel Sand and Gravel to get proper backfill material.

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