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Your Time is Valuable

The right tool always makes a project run smoothly and reduces unnecessary man hours. Use the slinger to quickly spread sand, stone, or soil over a large area. Since less time will be spent spreading the material, your overall project to finish sooner, reducing your bottom line and enabling you to move on to the next project.

Don’t Sweat It, Sling It

Instead of moving sand, stone, soil or mulch by hand, the slinger’s conveyor belt effortlessly slings our material up to approximately 50 feet from the truck. Our slinger can fling your material over an area and over obstacles such as fences or hedges, spreading your product where you want it.

Will My Project Benefit from a Slinger?

Nearly any household or landscaping project that involves spreading a material like sand, stone, soil or mulch can benefit from the slinger. The slinger benefits the elderly and the young, because anyone who doesn’t have the energy, the time, or the desire to shovel material in place by hand will benefit from a slinger. The slinger’s conveyor-belt boom makes it especially useful for projects that need to spread material over fences, and down sloped areas such as ditches.

If you’re unsure if our slinger will really benefit you, contact WW Siegel Sand and Gravel with a description of your project.

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